Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Make a New Plan, Stan

I am happy to report that my latest doctor's appointment was very good! I have lost 12 pounds, my cholesterol is down and my blood sugar is too! I am still on cholesterol medication but I avoided diabetes medication and my intention is to keep it that way.

Now for the new plan. I had my first diabetes nutrition class and I have to learn how to eat all over again. I am now counting carbs instead of calories. I really didn't pay attention to carbs before. It's not like the old-time Atkins plan with bacon, eggs and steak on the menu with pork rinds to snack on, but lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and veggies to the max! The real bottom line is portion control which has always been my hardest battle. I can go to town on the non-starchy veggies, but measuring is the name of the game for everything else. One trick I learned from a t.o.p.s. member is to keep a basket on the counter with measuring spoons and cups so they are always right there and there will be no excuse not to measure servings. A great idea that I haven’t incorporated into my kitchen d├ęcor yet, but I think about it every time I dig in my drawer for a measuring spoon or cup!

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about food and how it affects my body. I have reached a point in my health where I am looking at food more as medicine than sustenance. I think this is working for me. It really gives me a boost when I am able to say “no thanks” to foods that are not on my plan. I don’t feel deprived and I feel like I have done myself justice. I know that I can pretty much eat anything I want as long as I stay within my limits and that is a huge psychological help. I find that when I say “I can’t eat that” it makes me feel sorry for myself. I have had enough of that! but when I tell myself ‘yes, I can eat that if I want’, I find it easier to say no. Everyday I feel a bit more freedom.

Exercise is also a big help when dealing with blood glucose. On days when I exercise I have much better numbers than when I don't. The hardest part about exercise is doing it!! Once you get going it's all good, but sometimes dragging my butt off the couch is the hardest part of the workout. I recently read that the first ten minutes are the worst. Once you get past that, you feel good and can make it to the end and it is true. I have been riding my bike and I forgot just how much I enjoy it.

I know it has been awhile since I posted a blog and I the only excuse I have is that I have been feeling good! I find I have more to say when I am depressed or frustrated. I plan on staying on top of it. It helps me so much and I hope I can give others some encouragement too.

I want to share a recipe that we have been making almost every weekend! The hubby and I like to eat at La Azteca in Redwood City but we are pretty far away! I have found this recipe for Chile Verde and when I make it my kitchen smells just like La Azteca! I make nachos with homemade whole wheat tortilla chips (just cut and bake til crispy)and it is yummy! Try it and let me know what you think.