Friday, March 4, 2011

Invincible Me!

I have come to the realization that I am not invincible. I know, I was shocked too.

A few years ago I had my gallbladder removed and when they were getting me ready for the surgery the nurse asked me if I was taking any medications. I told her no, and she was surprised. She said most people my age are on some type of medication. I thought, wow, I am over 100 pounds overweight and I don't have any health problems related to it. No high blood pressure, which is common in my family, no diabetes, nothing else that requires medication! That gave me the sense that my weight was not that important. I was just lying to myself. First of all, I was having my gallbladder removed , I have sleep apnea and in 2007, I was hospitalized for 7 days with diverticulitis. All weight and diet related! When I got the results of my blood test telling me I am now diabetic, I was genuinely surprised. I spent the rest of the week feeling sorry for myself. I'm getting over the pity party and I'm starting to get into fight mode. I have a long road to travel so I hope I can stay in fight mode till the end.

I don't meet with my doctor for 2 more weeks and I need information. I want to be prepared for when I meet with the doc and find out what I've gotten myself into. Because it is something I got myself into. Something preventable that I didn't think would happen.

I am a reader so when I need information I start reading. Fortunately for me, there is the Internet so I don't have to go to the library. I have learned that Diabetes is forever. I can keep my blood sugar under control but I will always have it. I learned that not controlling my blood sugar can cause a whole host of problems, from kidney failure to blindness. This past week it has helped to picture myself blind or with amputated limbs in order to make better food choices.

So basically, I shouldn't eat anything white; white bread, white rice, potatoes, etc. All my favorite stuff! I did pretty good at Cattlemen's the other night for our anniversary dinner. I did not eat the bread and I had a sweet potato instead of a russet and I felt pretty damn good when we left! I totally enjoyed my meal. I guess this is do-able.

I want to share a yummy recipe. My BFF and I make applesauce every week in the crock pot. We both take it for lunch everyday and it is really good. It tastes like apple pie without the crust. As a matter of fact, my daughter heats it up and sprinkles graham cracker crumbs on top!

10 apples-Granny Smith are the best
cinnamon-I just shake it in but it is probably about a tsp. Pumpkin Pie spice is good too
juice from 1 lemon
1/2 c. Splenda or whatever sweetener you choose. You can add more or less depending on your taste.
1/4 c. water

Peel, core and slice apples. Put them in the crock pot with the rest of the ingredients. Cook on low for 6-7 hours or 3-4 hours on high. When the apples are cooked you can mash with a potato masher or a spoon. I like it kind of chunky so I just stir it around and it comes out just right.

***My week on a scale of 1-10:

I was horrible on my goals this past week. I was depressed and enjoying my pity party. I did eat pretty good though.
*Tracking 0
*Exercise 0
*Eating 8

*I did not weigh in this week because we were celebrating our anniversary but I am looking forward to good results next week.

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  1. What a fricken wake-up call huh? I am sorry you're experiencing all these health issues, and I'm glad you're stepping into Fight mode.
    Keep educating yourself and making good choices. YOU CAN do it.